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A skimmer basket is your pool’s first line of defense against dirt build-up. It catches large debris and prevents them from reaching the pipes and the pump filters. When the basket isn’t emptied regularly, some of the filtered material could make its way to the impeller. This would then slow the movement of the water and affect the pump motor pressure.

One indication of slow water movement is evidence of matter suspended on the surface of the water. You’ll find some debris at the bottom of the pool, as well. This means that the water isn’t flowing as it should and is unable to go through the recycling process like normal.

To prevent the disruption in water flow and ensure that your pool water is continuously being recycled, our experts at City Wide Pool Service in Las Vegas recommend inspecting and cleaning the skimmer basket weekly. Here’s why it’s important to do so:

Ensures Good Water Circulation

Proper water circulation keeps your filtration system operating effectively. This starts with the skimmer: as water is pushed into it, the skimmer basket traps the leaves, twigs, and small tree bark parts that have been dislodged and blown by the wind. At times, wildlife can make their way into the skimmer, leaving them trapped in the basket.

Trapped wildlife along with the filtered organic debris can clog up the skimmer and affect the flow of water. The disruption in the flow of water can reduce the cycling rate.

The change in cycle rate can then lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of your pool’s chlorine treatment and result in cloudy pool water. This can also lead to other problems, such as mold growth and algae blooms.

Regular cleaning of the skimmer basket ensures that the water flows smoothly through the filtration system. This keeps the filtration and disinfection process effective and helps in maintaining the water’s cleanliness and sparkling blue hue.

Prolongs the Life of Your Pump Motor

The pump motor is the life of your entire pool filtration system. It is responsible for cycling the water through the system, pushing the water into the skimmer, and then letting it out through the jets. Without a working pump motor, your pool water will stagnate and start looking cloudy.

Your pump motor depends on the skimmer’s ability to take in water. When the skimmer basket remains full, some debris can reach the piping and the impeller, blocking the system further and reducing the amount of water that makes it to the pump filter. This can put unnecessary pressure on the pump motor and cause it to bottom out.

The weekly removal of debris trapped in the skimmer basket keeps the piping and the impeller clean. It keeps the water flow constant and allows the motor to run smoothly and recycle the pool water effectively. The continuous flow of water prevents the motor from overheating, which in turn helps prolong the pump motor’s lifespan.

Get in Touch with the Professionals

City Wide Pool Service recommends that you inspect and clean your skimmer basket every week. This ensures that your pool water is always clean and that your pump motor can do its job continuously and effectively.

But, if you need help with more complex repairs and maintenance for your pool filtration system, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Call us at 7028732989 or fill out a secure form here to schedule a cleaning appointment today.

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