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Have you ever heard parents tell children not to go swimming right after eating? It’s a common misconception that you have to wait 30 minutes after a meal before taking a dip or else you’ll be fatigued and more likely to drown.

Science says it’s not true.

This is just one of the many pool-related myths that people often take as fact. As a professional pool cleaning crew with over 60 years of combined experience, the City Wide Pool Service team has also met our fair share of people believing in myths, this time about pool cleaning.

We listed down some of the most common ones below and debunk them for you.

1.Clear pool water means clean water

If you think that just because your pool water is clear instead of green or cloudy it means it’s clean, you’ve got another think coming. Clear pool water only means there’s no algae growth. But microscopic dirt and microbes may still be, and likely are, present in your pool.

2. A strong chemical smell means clean water

Another common misconception is that a strong chemical smell is indicative of a pool’s cleanliness. This may stem from the belief that pool chemicals, like chlorine, kill bacteria in the water. But chlorine doesn’t actually produce that strong of an odor.

Usually, the strong chemical smell emanating from a pool is chloramine—a chemical byproduct that results from chlorine binding to contaminants in the water like urine. So, the stronger the smell, the dirtier the water is.

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3. Baking soda is a great DIY pool cleaner

Baking soda is not a pool cleaner, but plenty of residential pool owners use it in their pools. Household products like bleach and baking soda may be cheaper and easier to acquire than actual pool cleaning materials, but you may end up ruining the chemical balance of your pool instead.

4. You should drain your pool to clean it

When a pool hasn’t been in use for a while, it can be filled with algae and other debris, making them difficult to clean. So, some pool owners opt to completely drain the pool to get rid of debris buildup easier.

But with gallons upon gallons of water wasted, replacing the water can be expensive. Instead of draining, the best option is to hire professional pool cleaners who can acid wash and vacuum your pool clean.

5. You can’t get sick from accidentally drinking pool water

Some people think that chemicals in the pool are enough to rid the water of dirt and bacteria, so accidentally swallowing pool water can’t hurt. But no body of water, no matter how thoroughly treated, is completely free from contaminants.

According to the CDC, you can get recreational water illnesses (RWI) from swallowing, breathing in, or even just coming into contact with water contaminated with germs. These illnesses include diarrhea, skin rashes, and eye pain.

6. Pools cost a lot to maintain

One of the reasons some people use unsafe DIY pool cleaning techniques is the misconception that maintaining a pool can break the bank. But the truth is, if you take care of your pool properly, it will function well and won’t give you costly problems.

With residential pool cleaning services from City Wide Pool Service, you can get your swimming pool professionally maintained, ensuring that it’s in tip-top shape all year round. From cleaning the pool’s tiles to backwashing filters, our technicians use professional equipment and techniques to service your pool.

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