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As reported by Home Advisor, the average price for monthly cleaning of a pool is $80 – $150. The pool owners may expect to spend a thousand dollars each year on basic maintenance and could pay triple for extensive services to keep the pool in excellent working condition.

The pool requires regular care to keep it free of algae and bacteria. The more meticulously you clean your pool, the better the results. Some pool chores, such as monitoring the water’s chemical balance, cleaning the skimmer basket, and vacuuming the walls should be done weekly, while others like thorough cleaning should be done once a month.

To give you an idea, here are the inclusions in monthly pool service.

Services Included in a Monthly Pool Maintenance

Deep Cleaning

Most weekly cleaning is done fast and mainly focuses on apparent issues but your monthly cleaning is the best opportunity to be more thorough. Your pool will be cleaned as normal during your monthly pool service. This removes any dirt that has accumulated over time and any tiny particles floating in the water.

Pool cleaners remove leaves and other big objects using a skimmer, then carefully brush and vacuum your pool walls and floor. They also wash deck and pool equipment, too, because bacteria and debris on their surfaces might contaminate your pool.

Filter Cleaning

The filter should be wholly cleaned to operate properly and keep your water as clean as possible. The pool filter should be rinsed during the monthly pool service, depending on its type. It may also need disassembly, chemical cleaning, and lubrication.

Your professional pool cleaner will rinse the filter cartridge and check it to ensure it is still in excellent working order. They can also replace it with a new cartridge if it appears worn or has reached the end of its life. As long as they are properly cared for, most cartridges can last several years before they need to be changed.

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Equipment Inspections

Monthly pool maintenance is also an excellent opportunity to do an in-depth check of your pool. They will look for obvious leaks, rips, cracks, or other signs of damage using your pool cleaner.

Ladders will be inspected as well as railings, and other safety devices. They will check each part for tightness and listen carefully for any strange noises that might indicate a mechanical problem.

Shock Treatment

Regular chemical treatments are insufficient to eliminate the algae and bacteria, and your pool water will gradually deteriorate as a result. So, monthly shock treatments help you keep track of your water’s quality and keep it clean and clear.

Shocking the pool eliminates organic pollutants such as dirt, leaves, and pollution from the air. A lot of harmless debris finds its way into a pool and obstructs water balance and cleanliness. Your service provider will super chlorinate the pool or add a non-chlorine oxidizer to remove the colloidal particles that create cloudy water.

Talk to the Professionals

City Wide Pool Service suggests inspecting and cleaning your pool every month. This guarantees that the water in your pool is constantly clean and that your pump motor can work efficiently and continually.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want assistance with more complex pool filtration system repairs and maintenance.

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