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Your pool filter collects a significant amount of dirt from the water, making it prone to clogging and defects. If this happens and you leave the busted filter that way, you’re sure to have a range of problems, like cloudy water and algae growth, on your hands soon.

Additionally, you’ll find the water quality of your pool quickly dropping; a clogged filter can’t sanitize your pool properly, which leads to sanitation issues that invite disease-causing pathogens into the water.

As such, you need to keep your filter clean to make sure it continues to do its job. But how do you know when it’s time to clean or maybe even replace your pool filter? City Wide Pool Service, a pool cleaning service provider in Las Vegas, shares the answers below.

When to Clean Your Pool Filter

Generally, cartridge filters should be cleaned once every three months to ensure their performance. Certain factors, however, can require you to clean your filter more frequently.

For example, if the pool area has heavy tree cover or if you live in a city that experiences lots of storms throughout the year, you’ll need to up your cleaning sessions to once a month to keep your filter from clogging.

Another good way to tell if your filter needs to be cleaned is to look at its pressure level. The average pressure reading of a cartridge filter is around 8 to 15 pounds per square inch (PSI). If the reading reaches 25 to 30 PSI, it means it’s time to clean your filter.

When to Replace Your Pool Filter

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Cartridge filters typically last from three to five years, after which you’ll need to replace them. You shouldn’t depend on this suggested period to decide to replace your filter, though. If your pool accumulates dirt quickly, then you might need to get a new filter sooner than the mentioned three to five years.

Check these three things to determine if it’s time for a cartridge filter replacement:

  1. Filter Damage: Any form of damage reduces the filter’s ability to thoroughly sanitize your pool. Look for tears in the fabric or cracks in the rubber end cap of the cartridge each time you clean it. If you see any, that means you need a new filter.
  2. Cleaning Frequency: Keep track of the dates when you clean your cartridge filter, including the pressure reading at those times. If you notice that the pressure keeps registering above-normal levels more often than usual and that you’re having to clean the filter more frequently, that could mean that the filter isn’t as efficient as it originally was, and so it’s time to replace it.
  3. Water Quality: Every time you wash your cartridge filter, its fibers become looser and more separate, allowing fine dirt to pass through the system. So, when you notice the water turning cloudy or green even if it’s chemically balanced, it’s a good indicator that your filter can no longer effectively clean your pool. In this case, you want to replace your filter immediately to prevent sanitation issues.

If the water still turns cloudy quickly even after replacing your filter, there might be a bigger problem with your pool. Contact a pool cleaning service immediately to have your pool checked.

Efficient Pool Cleaning Services in Las Vegas

City Wide Pool Service provides reliable pool cleaning services for commercial and residential swimming pools in Las Vegas. Our 7-step cleaning process ensures that your pool meets the ideal water chemistry levels for swimming comfort and safety.

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