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Any swimming pool will soon need some rebuilding. Avoid neglecting important repairs as this can cause severe damage to your pool that will eventually cost you time and money. To keep your pool in excellent condition, it’s important to know when it’s time for swimming pool repairs.

Here are telltale signs that your pool requires maintenance:

  • Peeling plaster

Spalling, or peeling plaster on the floor or steps of your swimming pool is caused by low pH, low calcium levels, or aggressive pool water. This often occurs under the floating chlorinator of a pool. Once it happens, your pool needs to be replastered or resurfaced.

Pool resurfacing can extend the life of your pool, increase its safety and improve its appearance. It also avoids leaks, so it’ll be easier to clean and maintain chemical levels because there is no water loss.

  • Broken lights

Lights in the swimming pool help improve nighttime visibility and also serve as a safety element. However, pool lights are common to break. When the light bulbs or covers of the lights need to be replaced, seek help from a professional to be safe.

Common causes of broken lights are broken seals, circuit breaker issues, or errors in the ground fault circuit interrupter. To keep your pool lights working properly, make sure the lightbox is watertight, always check the plastic casing, ensure the water level is above the outer casing to prevent cracking, and clean the outer lenses with a soft, clean cloth.

dirty swimming pool water

  • Dirty water

Pool water commonly becomes dirty from time to time. However, if you always clean the pump and yet there is still dirty water, the pump or pipes might need repairs. Filter and pump problems can be caused by a broken part or clogged filter media.

Cloudy pool water can also be caused by chemical imbalances. Make sure you use a water test kit to find out if your pool water has improper levels of alkalinity, pH, or high calcium hardness levels. However, if you shock your pool, it’s normal to become cloudy immediately. This usually clears on its own and shouldn’t be a problem.

  • Discolored grout

This can be caused by dirt and grime or chemical reactions. The common solution to this is acid cleaning, which should only be done by seasoned professionals. The grout will be washed with an acidic solution, and it’s better to do this before severe discoloration occurs to make it easier and more effective.

  • Malfunctioning heater

If the pool heater stops working, it may not be getting enough water flow to effectively heat the pool. This commonly requires unclogging blocked pipes or fixing the controls. If the unit is aging or failing, it might be time for a replacement.

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