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It’s always hot in Las Vegas; in the summer, temperatures can reach 113°F so pool parties are a popular way to beat the heat. Who doesn’t enjoy a fantastic pool party? Friends and relatives may be looking forward to enjoying an invitation to swim in your lovely pool.

But what happens after the pool party? If you’re planning a pool party soon, keep these recommendations in mind for cleaning up in the aftermath.

Things You Should Do to Clean Your Pool After a Pool Party

Test the Water

Before going for a swim after a party, test the pH of your pool’s water to see if you need to add chemicals. Inquire about testing kits and materials at your local pool store. Also, to ensure that your guests have a nice time, plan on shocking or super-chlorinating your pool before and after.

Just remember to give the chlorine plenty of time to settle before letting anyone jump into the water. This will reduce algae growth which can affect the stunning beauty of your pool.

Run the Pump

After the party has ended, start your pool pump and circulate the water. This helps in the removal of debris from the water while also allowing new pool water to circulate.

man with pool maintenance equipment

Use a pool net to catch any debris in the pool while you’re pumping. While the pump is great for removing little bits of leaf and debris, it may not be as effective with larger pieces and particles.

Brush It

Brushing the sides of your pool eliminates any algae, debris, or dirt that may have adhered to the pool’s walls and surfaces. This is a duty you should perform daily during peak swim season to eliminate algae growing along the walls.

This takes a significant amount of effort. You can hire a pool service to brush your swimming pool’s entire interior surface and tile areas. Nobody likes to swim in a pool that is covered in slick green algae!

Shock Your Pool

Shocking the water in your swimming pool is an effective approach to eradicate any bacteria and toxins before you and your family swim. After removing heavier materials such as grass, dirt, and leaves, shock the water to clean it after hosting a pool party.

It makes sense to shock the water ahead of time to present your guests with the cleanest, clearest water possible but make sure to give your guests enough time to swim after chlorinating.

Call the Pool Professionals

Pool parties can be harmful to the water’s pH and chemical levels, as well as the bacteria and debris that a group of partygoers carries with them when they swim. Consider contacting a pool cleaning service that provides both chemical and pool cleaning services.

Professional pool cleaners such as City Wide Pool Service, as a renowned pool servicing business in Las Vegas, can handle these tasks. We offer various cleaning and repair services to keep your pool ready for summer and beyond.

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