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Pool owners may experience problems with their equipment, filthy water, and possibly various kinds of algae if they do not take good care of their pool. As a result, there are more inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive consequences. Fortunately, weekly pool service can easily resolve these issues.

City Wide Pool Service has compiled a list of things you should expect in your weekly pool service. Many of the tasks are more of a check than a clean. Weekly pool service will help you keep your maintenance costs low, as well as save you time that would otherwise be spent swimming.

5 Things That Should be a Part of Your Weekly Pool Service

Pool Water

The first step in the weekly pool service is to inspect the physical water in your pool. Pool experts will sweep the pool for any large pieces of leaves or debris.

Keeping your pool clean not only makes it a more pleasant area to swim in, but also extends the life of your filter. This is a part that you can do on your own. You should skim anytime whenever you see debris or something.

swimming pool wall

Pool Walls and Surfaces

If your pool’s walls and surfaces are neglected, they might cause serious structural issues. Pool specialists clean these areas of your pool.

Scrubbing the exposed surfaces and walls of your pool will make a big difference in keeping them in good shape, and there shouldn’t be much time for debris to accumulate. Tiling damage, leaks, and algae can all develop if these areas are not managed.


Vacuuming regularly is required to keep your pool in good shape. Experts in the pool industry use vacuuming machines that do all of the work for you. They also make sure that the vacuum reaches every inch of your pool to avoid debris from accumulating in the structure.

Pool Pump and Filter

The filter system in your pool is essential for keeping it working. Regularly inspecting your pool filter and pump as part of a weekly pool maintenance schedule can help keep them in good condition.

Pool experts will change the cartridge in your filter as often as necessary. This won’t be done every week, but making it part of the regular cleaning routine is a good habit to develop.

The weekly pool service also includes checking the pressure of your filter to see whether it needs to be backwashed.

Checking the Chemicals

Pool specialists test the pH level in your pool every week. If they observe that your pH level has changed during the week, they will add the appropriate chemicals to correct it and bring back the pristine waters of your pool.

While it is critical to complete this once a week, any more is unnecessary. A weekly pH check should be adequate to maintain your pool in good condition.

Weekly Pool Service in Las Vegas

If you are looking for weekly pool service and reside in the Las Vegas area, City Wide Pool Service is a “right-size” firm to provide all of your service and repair needs.

We’re happy to handle all of your daily, weekly, or monthly servicing, repairs, and emergency calls. Fill out our online form or contact us at 702-873-2989 today.

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