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Pool maintenance is difficult enough as it is, but it’s a different challenge when you own water-loving dogs. Not only do their furs clog the filter, but they could also be bringing various bacteria into your pool.

The American Kennel Club says that dogs generally harbor more bacteria and contaminants than humans, which could cause sanitation problems in your pool.

So if you’re a pool owner who recently adopted a pet, you may want to adjust your pool cleaning and maintenance routine to make sure the water stays safe for your entire family — including your furry friends.

City Wide Pool Service, trusted residential pool service in Las Vegas, shares the following pool maintenance tips for dog owners.


1. Clean your swimming pool after each use

Your dog’s fur can clog the pool filter and prevent it from properly sanitizing the water. This then creates a host of pool problems, from cloudy water to algae growth.

With that, make sure to clean your pool after every time your dog goes for a swim. Simply turning on your robotic pool cleaner should be enough to remove all the loose hair floating around on the water.

Pet owners of long-haired dog breeds, such as Golden Retrievers and Poodles, should pay extra attention to their pet’s shedding. These breeds shed faster and heavier, which can wreak havoc on your filtration system.

Keep your pet’s loose hair to a minimum by de-shedding them before letting them into the pool. You can do this by brushing your pet. Just remember to use the correct de-shedder for your dog’s coat.


2. Use a skimmer sock

If your pets are swimmers, it’s a good idea to cover your skimmer with a skimmer sock to stop dog hair from entering the filtration system. You can either buy it from your local pool store or make your skimmer sock using the nylon from an old pair of pantyhose.

Remember to clean your skimmer basket regularly, even if you use a skimmer sock, to remove accumulations of dog hair.


3. Install a stronger filtration system

The Association of Canine Water Therapy (ACWT) recommends upgrading your pool equipment if you own pets who love to swim. Your filtration system should be able to handle the amount of dirt and contaminants introduced into your pool to ensure the swimmers’ safety and comfort.

Work with a pool contractor to determine the strongest filter system available that suits your pool maintenance needs but still falls within your budget.


4. Ensure proper chlorine and pH levels

pool water ph levels

Dogs carry more dirt and bacteria than humans. They could have dirt stuck in their paws or, worse, fecal matter lingering on their rear. Your family could get infected with E. coli if you accidentally swallow pool water with traces of fecal matter.

To eliminate pathogens in the water, make sure your pool chemicals are well-balanced, starting with chlorine. Your chlorine level is critical to preventing the growth of bacteria, algae and other microorganisms in your pool water.

Check your pool’s chlorine and pH levels weekly using a pool test kit. You can also download a smartphone app that makes it easier to keep an eye on your pool’s chemical balance.


Pool Maintenance for Pet Owners

If you don’t have time to maintain your pool properly, City Wide Pool Service is here to help. We provide a range of pool cleaning services to homeowners in Las Vegas. Our maintenance services are tailor-fit to your needs, making sure that your pool stays clean even if you have dogs, frequently invite guests over, or have any other pool usage habits.

City Wide Pool Service takes care of the dirty work for you so your family, including your pets, can focus on having fun in your pool.

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