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The average cost of getting a pool leak repaired ranges from $600 – $1,400 depending on the extent of the damage and how soon it was addressed. This cost doesn’t even include the amount of water that has already been wasted.

For many swimming pool owners, having a pool leak is a serious problem. If ignored, a leak can cause other pool-related problems and expensive repairs. Unfortunately, pool leaks can be tricky to identify. If you prefer to determine whether or not your pool has a leak before calling your trusted pool repair contractor in Las Vegas, then this article should help.

Identifying the Signs of a Pool Leak

The first identifiable sign of a leaking pool is a low water level. However, not all instances of lower water levels can be attributed to a pool leak. For example, it’s estimated that a pool can lose around two inches of water each week due to evaporation alone.

If your pool has been experiencing lower water levels recently, consider the following:

  • Is your area experiencing low levels of humidity lately?
  • Is your area going through a hotter-than-usual summer or extremely hot days?
  • Is your pool constantly exposed to the sun? Are you making use of the pool cover?

These are three factors that typically affect how fast and how much of the pool water evaporates. If you believe that these factors aren’t affecting the evaporation of your pool, here are some other signs you can look into:

  • Frequent changes in the chemical levels: A leak carries both water and chemicals away from the pool. So if your recent chlorine or calcium tests are showing chemical levels that are constantly changing, it could be a sign of a leak.
  • Frequent discoloration of pool water: Due to the constant chemical imbalance caused by a leak, algae tends to spread much faster. If the pool water starts getting significantly discolored in just a few days, it could be caused by a pool leak.
  • Tile cracks: Cracks or gaps in the tile walls and bond beams is often a sign that the pool is settling into the ground. These cracks can be the cause of the leak or just one of its many symptoms. Either way, cracks need to be addressed immediately.
  • Standing water around the pool: Check the area around the pool. Is the soil or the grass around the pool constantly wet? Have you been noticing puddles forming in certain areas around the pool? These are possible signs of an underground leakage.

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How to Check for a Leak

Aside from identifying the signs, there are other creative ways for you to confirm the presence of a pool leak. Here are two effective ways you can try:

Tape Marking Test

Using a piece of tape or a grease pencil, mark the current water level of the pool at the skimmer. Leave the marker and check back after 24 hours. After a day, measure the current water level compared to the marker you left. Pools shouldn’t lose more than  1⁄4 inch (0.6 cm) each day. Any more than that is an indication of a pool leak.

Bucket Test

Get a bucket with some rocks or brick inside to weigh it down. Place the bucket on one of the pool steps and add water to it. Make sure the water level inside the bucket matches the water level outside. Mark the water level both inside and outside of the bucket.

Similar to the tape marking test, check back after 24 hours. If the water level outside the bucket is significantly lower than that of the inside, it’s a sign that a pool leak is present.

If you noticed several of the signs and the tests indicate a presence of a leak, it’s best to get in touch with a professional as soon as you’re able. If the signs and the tests were inconclusive but you still feel like something is wrong, a pool repair professional should be able to help you determine the problem through an inspection.

Your swimming pool is a great home investment. That’s why at the first sign of a problem, it’s wiser to address the problem immediately to avoid further issues and additional expenses.

City Wide Pool Service is a trusted commercial and residential pool repair company that’s been serving the Las Vegas area since 1995. If you believe something is wrong with your pool, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team would be happy to help you identify and address your pool-related problems.

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