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If you haven’t cleaned your pool in a while, even if you’ve kept it covered, it might have become a breeding ground for diseases, E.coli, and respiratory infections. This year, the CDC released a study that linked 208 outbreaks of illnesses between 2015-2019 to recreational water or pool water.

City Wide Pool Services has always emphasized the value of deep cleaning a pool with its seven-step pool services. Intensive cleaning prevents the proliferation of disease-causing bacteria in your pool water and reduces dangers around your pool.

Danger Signs in a Pool that Needs Deep Cleaning

Murky, cloudy, or green water

Any cloudy or green water instance is a clear signal to call a specialist for a pool cleaning. Murky water is an indication that your pool now has too much dirt or bacteria which the filters can’t cope with anymore.

Green water signals that the algaecide isn’t working, allowing algae to spread over the water. You need to thoroughly clean your pool filter system and rebalance the pool shock and algaecide to correct the issue.

Intense chlorine smell

The pungent smell of chlorine indicates that the pool is no longer safe for swimming.

The pool’s treatment emits this strong smell because it deals with too much organic matter such as sweat, urine, bacteria, and more. This creates the chlorine byproduct that produces the odor.

This means your pool water’s treatment has become imbalanced. It’s no longer being appropriately sanitized and is likely an indicator that your filter is not working correctly. You need to correct the chemical balance of your pool with the proper levels of pool shock and clean your filtration system.

Contact with water causes itching and irritation

getting out of the pool

Pool water causing rashes, itching, and irritation is another serious cleanliness indicator that pool owners must be vigilant about. It could be caused by too much chlorine in the pool or too many contaminants in the water.

Test your pool water regularly to ensure that the pool’s pH balance and chemical composition are correct. The correct pool pH balance is at 7.4 to 7.6. Anywhere higher or lower signals an unsafe balance in your pool water.

Formation of bubbles or foam

Bubbles that gather on the edge of the water and don’t pop or foam formation on the pool surface indicate too many contaminants in the pool water. This could be due to a clogged filter or excessive bacterial buildup. It can also be caused by too many foreign chemicals such as sunscreen or suntan oil.

You need to re-check the pool’s pH balance and check the filters, which are likely overwhelmed.

Debris and floating insects

It’s easy to scoop out a few stray leaves or a small twig from the water now and then, but when there are larger debris and lots of insects, it signals a big problem. It means insects have become attracted to and have started living in the water.

Mosquito larvae, water beetles, and other life forms mean that the pool has gone uncleaned or unfiltered for too long. Do not attempt to clear all of them out yourself—at this point, your pool needs a professional deep cleaning to ensure that all the living organisms get removed.

Professional, Comprehensive Pool Cleaning

While it’s still possible for you to try to clean your pool yourself once it gets to this stage, it’s better to get the services of experts. Getting professional pool cleaning services from experienced specialists is an investment in your health.

Professionals have techniques to completely clear your pool of health hazards and renew your pool water with the correct balance. They take any concerns out of your hands, giving you the reassurance that you’ll be swimming in safe water.

City Wide Pool Services have thoroughly cleaned commercial and residential pools all over Las Vegas. Our trusted technicians have over sixty years of experience and provide a full seven-step pool cleaning service that ensures your pool is clean, safe, and ready for swimming when you need it.

Contact us today to get your pool deep cleaned or browse all the pool services available to you.

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