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Waterborne illnesses like rashes, ear infections, and diarrhea can often be found in places like your backyard swimming pool. Managing your pool’s pH levels is an effective way of keeping your pool clean and free from algae.

Ignoring this essential maintenance practice can put you and your family at risk of getting sick from contaminated pool water.

In this article, pool services experts from Las Vegas highlight crucial reasons you should keep your pool’s pH levels balanced.

pH helps maintain your pool’s chemical levels

The first reason that you should keep your pool’s pH levels balanced is that it will prevent your pool’s chemical levels from going too high or too low.

  • pH level is too low: This means that the water is overly acidic. You should raise it by adding sodium bicarbonate or calcium carbonate into your pool. This will help to boost the overall alkalinity of the water and prevent harmful side effects like skin irritations and burning eyes.
  • pH level is too high: This means that the water is overly alkaline. You should lower it by adding something like muriatic acid into your pool. This will help boost the overall acidity and prevent water cloudiness

Alkalinity levels are crucial for keeping your pool clean

The second reason that you should keep your pool’s pH levels balanced is that it will ensure that your pool water stays safe to swim in by preventing algae growth. If the pool isn’t properly maintained, then the water can become cloudy, which can pose a serious risk to you or your family’s health.

If the pool water is cloudy, then it probably means that there is too much alkalinity within the water because this type of excess prevents chlorine from cleaning the swimming pool properly. To fix this problem, you need to add muriatic acid into your pool while simultaneously balancing out your alkalinity levels.

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pH levels shouldn’t be allowed to fluctuate too much

Keeping your pool’s pH levels balanced will help prevent the water from becoming too cloudy or excessively foamy, which could be harmful to the person swimming in the pool.

If the person swimming in the pool is exposed to cloudy water, then they might choke on the impurities within the water while also ingesting harmful chemicals that have been released into the body of water.

This can be a potentially deadly situation because, while some of these chemicals are just harsh on a person’s eyes and skin, others cause cancer. Many of them are also harmful to the environment.

Exposure to excessive foaming may also cause problems with swallowing or breathing while also feeling nauseous due to breathing in too much air. This can be an uncomfortable experience for anyone who uses your pool regularly.

Proper chemical balancing is the key

It’s important to keep your pool clean and healthy by making sure that the pH levels are balanced. The reasons listed in this article will help you understand how harmful it can be if these two things aren’t done properly.

To ensure that all the water is safe for swimming, test your pool regularly with a chemical kit or enlist the help of a professional.

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