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Pool filters are the first line of defense in keeping your pool water clean and safe. Filters have caught sand, branches, leaves, twigs, and especially unusual things like frogs and band-aids. The filters do plenty of work throughout the day, as, ideally, your pool’s whole water capacity should cycle through it at least once daily.

City Wide Pool Service pays special attention to pool filters when we perform pool services in Las Vegas, both on residential and commercial pools, as they’re critical to ensuring that the water stays clear. It’s crucial to care for your pool filters and improve their performance so they can clean your pool water more efficiently.

Tips for Better Filtering

Do pre-filtration

Attach an additional filter to your existing filter. The pool water first enters the auxiliary attachment before the filter itself, taking away most foreign objects before they go through your main pool filter. As a result, the main pool filter is less taxed and will need cleaning less often.

You can try adding filter balls to your pool skimmer instead of sand in a sand filter to do your pre-filtration. The balls can pick up debris and particles before the water enters the skimmer itself. You can also try using a skimmer sock, a very fine mesh covering your pool skimmer. The sock will capture substrates, sand, and other particles.

Use a pool clarifier

You can take some of the stress off your pool filter by using a pool clarifier. Clarifiers themselves are coagulants that cause tiny particles and debris in your pool to clump up. Picture it the same way cat little will clump up, making them larger and thus easier to pick up.

However, it’s important not to use too much clarifier solution, as it may create an opposite effect in the pool. Carefully inspect the product label for the correct amount and proper usage before using.

filter in pool

Inspect your filter cartridge regularly

You may not know it, but your filter cartridge may be damaged. Cracks or rips in the filter cartridge will prevent it from operating at optimum filtering performance because the dirt and foreign bodies get stuck in these crevices and openings.

Cartridges can become clogged with oil, cosmetics, and non-pool-related chemicals like shampoo or tanning lotion. Make sure you use a cleaner to extend the life and improve the performance of your filter cartridges.

Replace the cartridge when necessary

As soon as you find that your pool filter is showing signs of rips and damage, it’s time to get it replaced. When you replace your cartridge, always make sure you buy the proper fit for your filter so that no foreign bodies or debris in the water can escape.

Perform Regular Pool Care and Maintenance

If you can’t regularly inspect and clean the pool filters yourself, hiring professionals to perform your pool’s maintenance is always better. During scheduled cleaning and maintenance days, the technician can inspect the pool filters and determine if they need to be cleaned or if they’re still operating at peak performance.

City Wide Pool Services has cared for and maintained private and commercial pools throughout Las Vegas. Our specialists take the time to ensure that all pool equipment is working properly, including the pool pumps and filters. Should there be any issues with your pool filter, our technicians will alert staff immediately.

Contact us today and schedule your next pool maintenance so you can ensure that your pool filters are working at their best. Or you can also browse our services to know what we do to keep your pool in great condition.

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