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Infinity pools continue to be popular, both in commercial properties and in residences. An infinity pool is a significant investment, as building one costs approximately $80,000 on average, and the price may get even higher depending on its size and shape.  

City Wide Pool Service, which offers residential pool services in Las Vegas, finds that inifinity pool owners are more particular about treatment and upkeep, perhaps because it’s such a significant investment. It’s essential to keep infinity pools clean and maintained to retain their value.

While infinity pools are a stunning addition to any home, they require quite a few more steps to keep them looking and functioning their best.  

Clear the catch basin often

Beyond the edge of the infinity pool is a second catch basin. This is where the overflow goes into to feed it back to the system. This pool area needs to be especially maintained, as it’s more likely to catch large and small debris as it’s an overflow and acts as a mini pool of its own. Without regular cleaning, this area can pile debris up.

At the same time, you also have to keep the drain clear. The catch basin has a suction system that funnels the water around. Water cannot flow properly from the catch basin and into the suction if the drain is clogged.

Check the pump and other equipment regularly

The pump maintains smooth water flow from the catch basin and back into the pool. Because of the higher risk of clogging, you should check the pump’s performance regularly. If you find an issue, be sure to have it repaired as soon as possible to keep it from getting worse.

One of the biggest challenges in owning an infinity pool is that as soon as the filtration system, the pump, or other equipment breaks down, it becomes nearly impossible to resume cycling the water from the overflow until the issue is resolved.

pool filtration system

Maintain water chemistry

Another common concern with infinity pools is increased evaporation. This means the pool will need to be refilled more often, requiring changes in how you treat it. You’re altering the overall pH balance and the chlorine content as you keep refilling the pool with water. If there is too little treatment or if the treatment is too diluted, it won’t be effective anymore.

This results in algae and bacteria buildup in the pool, making the water cloudy, murky, and unsafe to swim in. 

Consult a professional pool cleaning company

Because infinity pools require more specialized care and a lot more attention than a regular residential pool, it’s best to hire professionals for regular cleaning and bi-weekly water testing. With scheduled maintenance, you keep your infinity pool cleaned as thoroughly as possible and prevent issues with equipment and water quality from occurring.

City Wide Pool Service treats, cleans, and maintains residential pools throughout Las Vegas. Our skilled staff can be counted on to keep infinity pools and other types of pools in excellent condition. Contact us today to book an appointment or read about our services.

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