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The national average in building a swimming pool is around $70,000 for a residential in-ground pool, while larger commercial pools cost considerably more, running up to $72,000 to $140,000. Many hotels, motels, or leisure enterprise owners construct pools to add value to the property and make them more enticing for customers. A commercial swimming pool is therefore considered an investment.

City Wide Pool Service is a trusted name in performing commercial pool services in Las Vegas. The city is a tourist spot, with many commercial pools found throughout. For business owners in the hospitality and leisure industry, a pool is a must in order to meet customer expectations.

But before building a commercial pool, it’s crucial to remember that it’s not just about the cost. There are other challenges involved in owning a commercial pool.

Filtration and circulation

A commercial pool is often substantially larger than a residential pool. And, with so many people using it every day, it’s crucial to have it constantly filtered and cycled to eliminate organic waste, oils, and debris.

This means that you, as the property owner, will need to invest in a more sophisticated filtration and circulation system: one that is capable of handling a lot more water volume and can do so as quickly as possible.

ph levels

Sanitizer and pH levels

With commercial pools, which guests and customers constantly use, the pH and chemical balance of the water can quickly go out of balance. This is due to the large amount of organic matter, such as people’s skin cells, body oils, hair, sweat, and germs or microbes, is introduced to it daily.

Commercial pools require more specialized levels of pool shock and treatment and constant pH level monitoring. This means that you need to install chemical controllers that maintain sanitizer levels. This will require enough chemical supplies that can handle the pool volume.

Pool material and landscaping

The pool’s surroundings will need decks, diving boards, areas for deck chairs, slides, a wet bar, and proper landscaping. Commercial pools are rarely pools on their own—they come with numerous features that make them more comfortable and inviting to customers.

As a result, you also have to factor in these additions to the overall cost of building a pool. Space, resources, and budgetary constraints must be considered when choosing amenities to complement the pool.

Additional costs

All the previous points add up to the hidden costs beyond pool construction. These different materials and equipment all need to be installed in the pool. Moreover, they will require power to run. Electrical systems for the lights and pool sanitizer control systems will need additional electricity from the property, especially when running at night to make up for daytime pool use.

Be fully prepared for commercial pool maintenance

As most commercial pools’ concerns have to do with their maintenance and upkeep, it’s best to consult with an expert pool service contractor with years of experience in cleaning, maintaining, and treating commercial pools.

City Wide Pool Services provides high-quality commercial pool services to establishments throughout Las Vegas. Our specialists will give you a comprehensive breakdown of the different services we offer to commercial pool owners to help them manage and maintain their investments. Contact us today for a consultation, or read about our services.

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