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The expected temperatures in Las Vegas this summer are expected to break highs of 104-111°F. And there’s nothing like being able to enjoy your pool during these high temperatures. Summer reintroduces crowds around pool areas and increases pool usage as people seek ways to cool down. People of all ages enjoy the relief from the heat.

During our pool maintenance work in Las Vegas residences, City Wide Pool Services has seen increased pool activity among our clients as they prepare for spring and summer usage. Among them are families that have started adding features and accessories to their pool for more enjoyment.

Because of this, our staff sometimes get asked about ideal safe accessories to have around pools, keeping young swimmers from risk. Many great accessories to add to your pool will make the experience more enjoyable and still safe for all.

Floating pool rope

Floating ropes aren’t just accessories for commercial or public pools which receive numerous serious swimmers daily. While pool ropes are typically used to demarcate lanes for lap swimming, they can be handy in a residential pool.

Pool rope can indicate a line for kids to pay attention to if the water is too deep. They can also be used as a floatation method for kids to hold onto if they get too tired halfway.

Solar pool blanket

There’s plenty of sunshine during summer, and it’s an excellent opportunity to take advantage of it through a solar pool blanket. It can keep the pool water at an ideal temperature, ensuring that it doesn’t get too cold. It’s also good for making sure the pool water stays warm for night swims.

The secondary purpose of a pool blanket is to help prevent the evaporation that pools accrue over time. You will be saving energy through solar heating, but you’ll also save costs from pool refilling. And with a blanket on the pool can also reduce the risk of someone falling in when the pool is not in use.

lifeguard holding a floatation device

Lifeguard hook

Having one in a residential pool may seem excessive, but lifeguard hooks and lifebuoys are indispensable to add to a pool. You never know when someone may have an accident or a child may sneak in beyond the pool fence and into the deep side of the pool.

The hook and the buoy ensure that you have something on hand to immediately pull someone out of the water if needed or keep them afloat while you get to them. It also ensures that both of you will be safe during such incidents.

Get Regular Pool Maintenance 

The most significant safety addition you can add to any pool is to make regular pool maintenance appointments. With the high level of activity in the summer, pool water’s pH balance degrades more quickly, and there will be more foreign substances, oils, and other debris that end up accumulating in the pool. Weekly maintenance ensures the pool remains clean, perfectly balanced, and safe to swim in all summer long.

City Wide Pool Service has performed pool maintenance for residences and commercial establishments throughout Las Vegas. Our specialists can help ensure you have a regular cleaning schedule that keeps your pool safe through the summer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or read about our services.

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