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Summers in Nevada are hot and dry, with temperatures frequently above 100ºF. It’s no wonder most people are looking for ways to cool down, and what better way to do that than to go for a swim?

However, just swimming and splashing around in the water quickly gets dull. Fortunately, there are tons of fun things to do by the pool with your friends and family.

Have your residential pool cleaned, bring out the floaties, and try these five summer poolside activities.

Red Light, Green Light

You likely already know how to play red light, green light. One person acts as a “stoplight,” and everyone else can only move toward the finish line when they’re not looking. It’s simple but fun.

You don’t need any equipment to play this game. Plus, it can give everyone a moderate workout when the summer heat would usually dissuades them from exercising.

Ping Pong Race and Coin Dive

These two games are pretty similar. Players scramble to collect as many ping pong balls or coins as possible.

The only significant difference is that the former floats while the latter sinks, so players either have to gather the balls amidst the waves or dive to collect the coins.

Both are fun, require minimal equipment, and will light a competitive spirit in kids and adults alike. Which one you pick is just a matter of preference.

Pool Volleyball

pool volleybal

For pool volleyball, you’ll need a net and, of course, a ball. You can have a professional install poles for the net if you want, but something you find on Amazon or Walmart will do just fine.

You’ll need at least four players split between two teams. However, playing with 6 to 10 players is much more fun.

Dive-In Movie Night

Picture this. It’s night. You and your friends are sitting on chairs or lounging on floaties. There’s a projector playing a movie on a white sheet you hung a few hours ago, and everyone’s got snacks. It’s a great time.

Hosting a dive-in movie night can be a lot of work, but most of what you need are things you or your friend likely already have. The only thing you might have trouble getting is the projector.

Have a BBQ

A BBQ party by the pool may be the most reliably pleasant way to get through a hot afternoon. Grill some pork ribs, chicken, and hot dogs. Don’t forget to prepare snacks like chips and pretzels as well as iced drinks.

You can also have a BBQ alongside any other activity listed here. Just be sure to place the grill far enough from the pool, so no one accidentally knocks it over or gets burnt.

Residential Pool Cleaning Services in Las Vegas

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