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In 2021, the overall pool sector in the US reached $1.26 billion and is expected to go over $1.33 billion by the end of 2022. Swimming pools are considered the perfect option that would give any home a touch of grandeur and upgrade.

However, choosing a pool is not an easy job. There are various styles and sizes, different costs and constructions depending on the use, and many other factors that can determine the end choice. So before you decide to call a residential pool cleaning Las Vegas service, there are some things you need to know.

Keep reading below to find out what pool type is the perfect choice for you and your home.

Infinity Pool

Arguably the most impressive pool design is the infinity pool. Just as the name suggests, this is a pool that creates a mirage of infinity. The ends of the pool are created to have a vanishing-edge design, placed just below the water level. This way, the water goes over them and gives off that seemingly endless flow.

Usually, infinity pools are placed on top of high buildings or places that overlook beautiful scenery. However, as perfect as they sound, these are some of the most costly pools to build and maintain afterward.

In-Ground Pool

When pools are mentioned, the first thought that comes to mind is an in-ground pool. This pool style is directly built into the landscape, meaning it is constructed into the ground. In-ground pools can defer based on the material you choose to create them, ranging from fiberglass to vinyl liner or concrete.

Lap Pool

The most common subtype of the in-ground pool is the lap pool. If you’re an avid swimmer, then a lap pool is the best choice for you. This type of in-ground pool is long and usually rectangular, with around 40 feet of unobscured swimming space, giving the perfect length to swim laps in it. Plus, the design makes it great for small backyards.

Above-Ground Pool

Above-Ground Pool

The opposite of in-ground pools is above-ground pools. These are pools that are placed above the ground and can be made from various materials – steel, aluminum, wood, etc. Above-ground pools cost less than other types, take up less space, and can be easy to disassemble and store, meaning there is less maintenance.

Swim Spa

This type of pool is a mix between a spa and a pool. Simply put, a swim spa is a small swimming pool that has water jets on the side that provide a current to swim against. This pool style is mainly used for fitness, seeing that it doesn’t take up much space and provides the perfect training exercise. The spa part comes when the heaters are turned on.

Residential Pool Cleaning Las Vegas: Call City Wide Pool Service

Choosing the right pool style for your home can be overwhelming. Even more so when you have to consider maintaining it in the long run. That is why it’s best to call professionals to help. City Wide Pool Service offers you the top residential pool cleaning Las Vegas services – from tile cleaning to brushing your pool.

Reach out to us today to get more information on the 7-step process we conduct to keep your pool looking clean!

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