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In the Las Vegas area, there are over 200,000 residential swimming pools. If you own one of those, you should know how to take care of it properly. Cleaning your pool prevents accidents, diseases, and infections, so you can cool off in peace and enjoy your pool longer. 

Residential pool cleaning companies in Vegas suggest having your pool cleaned every week, at least once every 7 days. That way, you’ll ensure your pool water is uncontaminated and clean to use. 

To understand how often you should clean your pool, continue reading below. 

Why Should You Clean Your Pool Every Week?

One of the most important reasons residential pool cleaning services advise weekly pool cleanups is health considerations. A pool can easily become contaminated. Insects, dirt, debris, birds, and animals may pass through your swimming pool, disrupting its pH level and chemical balance.

A contaminated pool is a hazard on its own, other than posing a threat to the surrounding area. Prevention is key! Improper pool maintenance might easily lead to serious health issues, which we’ll elaborate on next. 

To Prevent Disease Breakouts

Granted, commercial pools are more prone to disease breakouts than residential pools. However, that does not keep you safe from it. If you’re the only one using the pool, ensure you are all clean and showered before diving in. 

If more people are using your pool regularly, advise the same thing. Diarrhea, red eyes, ear infections, and lice are only some of the common diseases related to contaminated pool water.

To Eliminate Bacteria

If your pool has a smell, it might be the result of the presence of bacteria. Improper pool maintenance can easily lead to bacteria-infested waters. Some of the typical pool bacteria include Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and E.coli. 

If you notice your pool has a striking chlorine smell, it means the chemicals are fighting organic residues like urine, sweat, and bacteria. Do not despair, though, as you can eliminate bacteria by shock-treating your pool and ensuring the chemical balance is in check. 

A clean pool that’s safe to use would have little to no smell at all. Professional residential pool cleaning companies suggest you use chlorine to get rid of bacteria and do it every week.

To Avoid Damage to the Construction of the Pool

A clean pool is a safe pool that will last longer. Don’t despair if you notice algae and moss growing between the pool tiles and edges of your pool – you can get rid of them easily. You may use an algaecide or a sturdy pool brush to scrape algae away. 

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