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Did you know that 32.2 million people visited Las Vegas in 2021? Of course, many tourists will want to visit some of the many pools Las Vegas offers. So, all these pools should be properly maintained to be a safe environment for swimmers. 

Pool brushing is the key to keeping your pool water clear. And while maintaining commercial and residential pools is challenging, it doesn’t mean it cannot be done diligently. 

Are you interested in commercial and residential pool cleaning in Las Vegas? If so, you’re at the right place. Below, we’ll answer all your questions and concerns about your pool and provide further advice on the ideal cleaning system. 

Reasons to Brush the Pool Regularly

Brushing your pool, in addition to circulation and proper filtration, is a vital way to keep the pool clean and safe. Keep reading to find out the reasons brushing is important:

1. Keeps It Clean

Brushing your pool’s floor and walls keeps it clean. When you kick debris off these areas, it will move closer to the skimmers and the bottom suction line. The water circulates and gets trapped within the filter media. As a result, the pool will be cleaner and will also appear cleaner. 

In addition, brushing blends the disinfectant in your pool’s deeper and uncirculated areas.

Signs Your Pool Needs Maintenance

2. Prevents Algae

Organic particles are washed into the water by storms. The organic particles fall onto the pool’s steps, corners, floor, and walls. 

These debris pieces are the perfect food for algae! And algae can also grow in places with poor circulation. Brushing the pool regularly will disrupt and halt the growth pattern of algae. 

Algae can grow in any pool, but you should know that aggregate, plaster, and quartz finishes are more prone to it since they all have tiny micropores ideal for algae to create a strong foothold. Regular brushing is the best solution for getting rid of algae.  

3. Lifts Dust Particles

Because smoke, ash, dust, and debris are so tiny, they can pass through the filters and make their way to the pool’s steps, walls, and floor. However, the particles will be lifted when these pool areas are scrubbed with a water clarifier. Then, the filter can eliminate them from the water.

4. Prevents Staining

Stains of various types can form in the pool. The organic stains are often a mixture of oils, dirt, and minerals that enter the pool at the water’s surface. Brushing the surface deeply once or twice a week will prevent these materials from forming stains and will ensure a long-lasting finish.

5. Prevents Scale

Scale refers to the white film that forms around the waterlines of the pools and usually consists of calcium. Brushing your swimming pool will aid in the prevention of mineral deposits along the waterlines.

6. Prevents Etching

If the swimming pools are regularly brushed and have a consistent chemical balance, they will be smoother and softer. However, if you don’t pay attention to the pH levels, calcium, or alkalinity, your pool will start to corrode. Brushing is another great way to protect your pool.

City Wide Pool Service: Top Commercial and Residential Pool Cleaning in Las Vegas

Is brushing your pool too time-consuming for you? City Wide Pool Service can help! 

We provide commercial and residential pool cleaning in Las Vegas that includes brushing with each visit. Allow City Wide Pool Service to look after your pool like no other service does.

For more information on pool cleaning, visit our website and read the blog section. You may also reach out to us at 702-873-2989! 

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