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Swimming pools are essential to beat the heat during a Las Vegas summer. But why not enjoy it in the evenings or when it gets chilly? The need for a functional pool heater extends beyond the swimming season. If you are facing heater problems, it’s time to call for pool heater repair in Las Vegas.  

According to recent cognitive market research, the demand for swimming pool heaters has increased in terms of quantitative data, current market size, competitor’s market shares, and market forecasts. Thus, having a functional pool heater is essential for the cooler evenings.

Let’s explore the common problems and provide practical solutions to keep your pool heater running smoothly.


Uneven and Insufficient Heating


Uneven and Insufficient Heating

Uneven or inadequate heating is a common issue for many pool owners. Your pool heater may struggle to provide consistent warmth, leaving some parts of your pool uncomfortably cool. This problem often stems from issues with the pool pump, an improperly sized filter, or a clogged filter.

To address this problem effectively, it’s best to consult professional technicians who can diagnose and fix these issues, ensuring optimal water circulation and even heat distribution. 


Low Efficiency = High Energy Bills

An inefficient pool heater will increase energy bills and provide inadequate heating throughout the entire area. These low-efficiency issues arise from improper sizing or damage to the heater. For optimal performance, consider upgrading to an energy-efficient pool heater that matches the size of your pool, providing consistent and efficient heating.


Corroded or Damaged Heat Exchanger

A corroded or damaged heat exchanger is a significant issue that can compromise the functionality and efficiency of your entire heating system. The heat exchanger is a critical component that transfers heat from the heat source to the pool water, thus requiring a delicate approach to its repair.

The solution to preventing heat exchanger corrosion or damage is regular maintenance. You can tackle these issues by:

  • Regularly cleaning and inspecting the heat exchanger
  • Removing mineral deposits and debris
  • Descaling
  • Maintaining proper water chemistry


Ignition Issues

Dealing with ignition issues on your pool heater can be frustrating, especially when you are eagerly waiting to jump in a warm pool on a nice Las Vegas evening. Additional issues like pilot light failure and electrode problems may arise when the ignition system fails.

To resolve these issues, you can regularly maintain the pool heater by cleaning the pilot light assembly and the electrodes. Ensure that the thermocouple is functioning properly, and double-check the gas supply. Addressing ignition issues promptly can ensure consistent pool heating and a reliable ignition system.


Get the Best Pool Heater Repair in Las Vegas

The relentless temperatures in Las Vegas require a functioning pool heater. Knowing how to identify and address particular issues is crucial in keeping your pool heater in top shape. Thus, make sure to reach out to City Wide Pool Service, the best pool heater repair in Las Vegas, and enjoy a pleasant pool experience in the upcoming months. 

Contact our team of experts to get the best advice for your pool heater.

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