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About City Wide Pool Service in Las Vegas, NV

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At City Wide Pool Service, we are the “right size” company for your service needs. We're small enough to give you that personal attention that each and every customer deserves. And yet, we're LARGE enough to handle all of your daily services, repair needs and emergency calls.
As an owner operated small business, you'll always be able to talk to the boss when you need to. As a matter of fact, you'll probably see him out at your pool.
We are fully licensed and insured, though Southern Nevada Heath ... Read more


Concern #1: “I'm tired of expensive repair bills and repairs just not getting done.”
Solutions: We have some of the lowest repair charges in the business. Repairs are guaranteed for thirty days on labor and anywhere from one to ten years on parts, depending on the manufacturer. The real key to keeping repair costs downs is early detection of problems. Our trained technicians inspect the equipment on each service visit and will inform you of any and all repair needs immediately.
Concern #2: “Why does my pool always look dirty? I don't think my pool company is taking good care of my pool.”
Solutions: By using our proven 7 steps process, we'll keep your pools and spas clean and sparkling. Our technicians use correct procedures and proper chemical treatments to keep up that appearance all year around. We'll also tailor a pool service schedule according to your pool and spa use and your budget.
Concern #3: “I can never count on my current pool service to be there when they're supposed to be. In case of an emergency, you can forget it!”
Solutions: Regularly scheduled service visits are important to you and your pool. That's why our technicians are on a regular schedule for your account. This way you know when they have been there and when they will be there. All of our technicians are radio dispatched and prepared to handle your emergency calls.
Concern #4: “I had a problem with the health department last summer. They even closed my pool.”
Solutions: Rest assured that our certified technicians are properly trained in chemical balancing and procedures. This way you won't ever have to worry about the health and safety of your tenants when it comes to the chemical balance of your pools and spas.
Concern #5: “I get an ear full of complaints from my tenants about my pool.”
Solutions: We understand that your business depends on satisfied customers. So does ours. We'll use the proper techniques and chemical treatments to keep you and your tenants happy. The only complaint you'll hear from your pool side is: ”I'm out of sun tan lotion.”